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what is it

This is always my first question when looking at art. The works on this website are pastel on paper, or pastel paintings. I have worked in this medium for many years, but this style emerged after I had been creating a number of black and white line drawings for t-shirts in the 90s. Now I've got you wondering about my age.

why do I do it

If you are wanting a deep thoughts sort of artist statement from me, you are about to be disappointed. I am more interested in the process and don't normally have deep thoughts about it anyway. I can say I have been creating some form of art all my life. I have found I need a creative outlet and if I am not making art in the traditional sense, I will find another way to express myself as my family, friends and colleagues are well aware. I think I drive them pretty crazy.

my day job

Instead of joining the ranks of starving artists, I went the route of the artist with a day job. Librarians are a pretty cool and interesting bunch. They have in common things that are near and dear to my heart: the capacity to question everything and a relentless need to find the answer.

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how do I do it

I work out my compositions in a sketch book, choosing a subject that can be abstracted from a realistic depiction to shape and line. After duplicating the sketch to a handmade 100% cotton paper. I strengthen the black lines of the design and put the first colors down. At this point it's pretty messy although the drawing is still apparent. Next, I blend the pastel with a solvent to create a base wash of color. After the wash is dry I begin to lay down the pattern work with pastel pencils and enhance the color of the wash with softer pastels. Aside from the sketch of the work, this is the most time consuming part of the process. I finish the work by enriching the black lines of the painting. The work is then sprayed with fixative several times. There can be up to ten layers of pastel in a painting.

what I am up to

I want to work with beeswax and encaustic mediums. I hope to be able to actually have some successes and to not catch anything on fire. When that happens, you will see something here.

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